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Tiger Rock Home

Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo Academies of Lincoln are led by a dedicated team of professional TaeKwonDo Instructors and Staff members. This team is led by 6th Degree Master Jeff Dousharm and includes:

Jason Reed,  5th Degree Black Belt, ITA Certified Instructor, and Part Owner of Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo Academies of Lincoln

Beth Leipold, 5th Degree Black Belt, ITA Certified Instructor, and Senior Manager of Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo Academies of Lincoln

Dan Goheen, 3rd Degree Black Belt, ITA Certified Instructor, and Senior Operations Director of Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo Academies of Lincoln

Kendra McKee, 5th Degree Black Belt, ITA Certified Instructor, and Lead Instructor at the 84th and Holdrege Academy.

Mike Mota, 5th Degree Black Belt, ITA Certified Instructor and Staff Instructor

Tim Traudt, 5th Degree Black Belt, ITA Certified Instructor, and Staff

Master Jeff Dousharm

Master Dousharm has studied TaeKwonDo and other Korean martial arts for over 20 years and has been professionally instructing for 16 years. Master
Dousharm started his TaeKwonDo training in Pensacola, FL under Grand Master Bert Kollars. Since that time he has continued this student-instructor
relationship, but now lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. Master Dousharm owns and
operates nine Tiger Rock TaeKwonDo Academies, eight in the midwest and one in Pensacola FL. Additional plans are in process for at
least 4 more Academies in the next two years in the mid-west area.

Master Dousharm is a 6th Degree Black Belt, Certified TaeKwonDo Instructor,
Certified HanMuDo Instructor, Certified Native Korean Sword Instructor, Certified Ground Escape Instructor, Certified Tactical Short Stick Instructor, and Certified ADHD Seminar graduate. Master Dousharm also serves as part of the ITA Management Team under Grand Master Bert Kollars.

In addition to his formal and ongoing training under Grand Master Bert
Kollars, Master Dousharm has also trained through formal classes, private
lessons and seminar training with the following ITA Masters, Senior Masters
and Grand Masters: G.M. Craig Kollars, G.M. Art Monroe, S.M. James Bailey,
S.M. Terry Newton, S.M. Ron Allman, S.M. Don Anderson, S.M. Rick Hall, S.M. Joe Calhoun, S.M. Marv Conway, S.M. Mark Smith, S.M. Dan Cerminaro, Master Chris Jackson, Master Wiley Robinson, Master Richard Johnson, Master Charles Newton, Master Dwayne Parker, Master Terrence Parker,  Master Joel Neely, Master Kirke Woodall, Master Danny Williams and Master Frank Michael.

Welcome to Tiger-Rock

Welcome to Tiger-Rock Martial Arts, the largest martial arts franchise in the world. As part of a national franchising company, our academies provide the highest quality of programs, training, and service to over 30,000 members. Since 1983, Tiger-Rock Martial Arts has been committed to delivering programs to its participants that truly make a difference in their daily lives.

What Makes Us Different

Tiger-Rock has taken the martial arts experience to a new level. Our programs focus on the components that increase fitness, artistic precision, and self-empowerment. Countless hours of research and staying abreast of the latest sports science are just the beginning. At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International, we fit your busy schedule and on-the-go lifestyle. With a diverse selection of classes and times, there are no excuses not to start today! Our academies are geared up with the essential elements of a great training workout and our academy owners stay current with the latest training methods. We offer a wide variety of adult and youth programs to ensure that each participant gets the best experience possible.

Our Instructors

You can be assured that participants will receive the highest quality of instruction. Tiger-Rock Martial Art Instructors are required to be certified and earn continuing education credits to keep up-to-date with the latest policies and teaching methods, ensuring safety and enhanced learning. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International recommends that all Instructors in the academy maintain a current CPR and First Aid certification. Tiger-Rock Martial Arts also recommends academy owners conduct background checks on all annually-qualified Instructors and academy workers 18 years old or older. Academies place a high priority on protecting the safety of members.

Start Today!!!

Interested in joining a Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Academy? Don’t wait, start your martial arts journey today! To find a location near you and learn more about our programs simply click on the LOCATIONS link. Each Tiger-Rock Martial Arts Academy is independently owned and operated.

* Programs may vary from one location to another; check with your local Tiger-Rock Academy for specific offerings. Some programs above may also require additional fees.